Sage 50 Cloud Pastel

Power and Productivity 

Sage 50cloud Pastel gives you everything you need to run your business wherever you are through a seamless integration with Microsoft 365. 


Sage 50cloud mobility

Empower and mobilise your workforce to generate sales from invoices using our new mobile app.  With full search functionality and the ability to lookup your customers based on location.  You will be able to find your customers and conduct business on the road.

Accept payments from your customers

Sage 50cloud Pastel provides an easy way for your customers to pay you, using a range of simple, secure, and reliable payment solutions.

Productivity boosting cloud features

Integration with Microsoft 365 and features like Direct Bank Feeds, Cloud Document Storage, Sage Capture, Invoicing and Payroll/Payments Integration help customers to boost productivity, cut down on manual tasks and save hours every week.

Favourites option

Add your favourite or most used options to our new Favourites option which we have added to the menu bar to allow for easy access.  Easily customise the order of these options within the Favourites menu for even more convenience.


Questions to ask to determine if the module will add value: Descriptions of the modules:
Bank Manager • How do you currently capture your bank statement into Sage 50cloud Pastel?

• How long does it take?

• How many bank accounts do you have ?

• Do you often spend time trying to reconcile your bank account to your bank statement?
• This automates the entire process of reconciling your bank account.

• Compiles the cash book using \ e-statements from all the majorSA banks.

• After assigning recurring transactions with a code once, this module is able to import statements and automatically sort the transactions for you.

• Caters for split allocation and payments.
Sage Intelligence Reporting • Do you require specialised reporting over and above your standard trial balance, income statement and balance sheet?

• Do you know who your top 5 customers are?

• Do you know your fastest moving inventory item?• How long do you spend preparing your management pack?
• Allows you to control, automate, and analyse your data across all areas of your business.

• Customised reporting that links straight into your accounting software.

• Drag and drop technology allows you to customise report design, with interactive dashboards for added insight.

• Integrates with Excel.
Debtors Manager • Take me through your customer/debtors collection process?

• Do you have multiple people who follow up with your customers or single account managers?

• How do you forecast promise to pays?
• Tracks your collection process and compiles accurate cash flow forecasts.

• Reports can be run at any time and enable you to easily determine why the amount is outstanding, when it will be paid, what has been done, what still needs to be done and which sales person the invoice belongs to.
Point of Sale • Do you sell your products and services to your customers in a retail environment?

• Do you need to put checks in place so that things like price overrides, discounts or returns are monitored?

• Do you have concerns about terminals going down due to connectivity or network problems?
• A simple POS system with strong security features.

• Allows seamless shift changes , reallocation of cash floats.

• Tellers are not isolated to operating on one till and can log in from any till at any time.

• POS integrates seamlessly with Sage 50cloud Pastel Xpress or Partner.
Receipting • The module allows you to issue receipts for payments received (particularly cash) against a pre-issued invoice. It tracks payments into a debtors account.

• Do you issue receipts to a customer for payments received before issuing a tax invoice?
• Enter data once in order to process and print receipts. Do this without the cash book. The system will automatically move the receipts to the cash book when you are ready.
Project Tracker • Does your company run in project cycles? Do you need to report on these in terms of revenues and costs?

• Do you spend a lot of time linking invoices to projects?
• Group projects into specific regions, or specific divisions in your business, and run a consolidated income statement or budget variance report per region or division.

• Track income and expenses associated according to projects.

• Report on projects, associated budgets and cost.
Time and Billing • Do you bill your customers for the time your employees spend on projects related to them? • Create simple timesheets for employees, and easily turn these into invoices.

• Ability to assign chargeable or non-chargeable activity codes.

• Use cost codes to allocate costs and revenues to areas such as jobs, sales people, allowing you to track costs or revenues.
Bill of Materials (Basic Functionality) This module is designed for small to medium sized businesses who need to track inputs to a final good (eg. coffee shop, pizza joint, deli etc.)

• Does your business manufacture finished goods? If yes, ask:

• How do you account for the inputs which make up a final, finished good?
• Accounts for an item assembled, built or manufactured based on the number and types of parts or components used.

• Invoice customers for items sold not components used.

• Best explained by use of example: You can specify a recipe for pizzas, which would consist of the dough, cheese, tomato paste etc. You then specify the quantity of each of the components that is required to make one pizza. When you manufacture, you specify how many pizzas you are making and the system automatically calculates the requisite amount of each input.
Multi-Warehousing • Track and control inventory at multiple sites.

• Ability to transfer items between stores using a store transfer journal.

• Works with serial number tracking.
• Tracks your collection process and compiles accurate cash flow forecasts.

• Reports can be run at any time and enable you to easily determine why the amount is outstanding, when it will be paid, what has been done, what still needs to be done and which sales person the invoice belongs to.
Serial Number Tracking • Do you deal with serialised stock items?E.g. cell phones, laptops etc. • Allows for serialised inventory tracking.

• Forced entry of a serial number for serialised stock ensures a full and complete history of the movement of each individual stock item.
Multi-Currency • Does your business deal with foreign suppliers, customers or banks? • Seamlessly handle transactions with foreign customers, suppliers and bank accounts.